Elmo, Pirates and A Fire Helmet

It is a strange, yet comforting idea that something such as Elmo is still as popular today as it was when I watched Sesame Street.  Two orders for Elmo in a one month time span has shown this.  When creating this three tiered Elmo cake, Elmo was not cooperating.  Being the buster that he is, his arms, though strategically doweled into place, kept falling.  I finally was able to alleviate the problem, though not without some very frustrating hours of figuring out how to solve this.  I did, and he was a hit at the party!

Ethan's Elmo












When asked to do a pirate cake for Henry’s 1st Birthday party, I was ready to dive right into it!  The popularity of pirates has risen in recent years, due to the success of the film, Pirates and the Caribbean and its sequels.  None of this was more apparent to me until we took a recent trip to Disney World. The ride of the same name has been re-vamped and showcases Jack Sparrow in numerous scenes along the ride.

Henry’s invitation was used as inspiration.  Since a skull and crossbones isn’t so “kid-friendly”, we tried to design it with a one-year-old in mind.  It definitely said “pirate” and I think I may have a new favorite cake!

Pirate Henry










What would a month be without doing a fire helmet cake?  You may think that recreating a cake may be monotonous, but in all actuality, each cake is new and different than the next.  This is true due to the fact that each helmet has its own set of stickers, collected over the years that represents the hero in a very unique way.  This helmet was no exception, and had the most stickers of any I have ever done.  I love a challenge, and for this cake, it was to recreate all five stickers, and of course, I chose to hand paint each.  I do love a good edible image for certain things, but mostly I love to paint my own.

Fire Helmet













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